Behind the scenes

Hello, my name is Karen Munroe and I am a decorating enthusiast, who loves all things decorative and creative. My job is to make your home or space beautiful to which I've succeeded in making my own home this way. Check out my projects page to see renovations and interior design I've completed on my home.

Apart from having a creative head on me, I am also a mum to two children; Jake & Autumn. You may notice the name of my company to which I've named after her - one of the main reasons I chose to use her name is because of its uniqueness, originality, creativity and the transition from the old to the new which we all see in the season of Autumn; Autumn Interiors is here to make that transition to your space.

I believe that the world of interior design and renovation is about transforming an ordinary space into a magnificent well-designed yet functional environment to live or work in.

We have expertise in both home decorating and commercial projects, to which we pay extra attention to detail, quality and cleanliness of our work.

Autumn Interiors is about working with you, alongside you, your needs and your requirements in a space. We offer interior design expertise such as materials/soft and hard furnishings to use which we source ourselves, colour schemes for your space and also re-designing and decorating your entire property - no matter how big or small your space is we are delighted to help you make your space beautiful. Where necessary we can bring in trusted partners in other trades to compliment our painting and decorating, ensuring we can handle your complete work.

Karen Munroe

Founder of Autumn Interiors